Saturday, 24 September 2016

About Me

I'm sure you've heard of the well-known saying: ‘Once a teacher, always a teacher’, in which I happen to believe?  The vast majority of people who choose a teaching career are motivated by the desire to help students enjoy learning.  I spent many years working as an English teacher and for me that meant trying to foster in students a love of the English language and in particular its literature.  I’ve always believed reading to be the key to success, not merely in English, but in all academic subjects.

My desire to help students understand and love literature did not end when I gave up my teaching career to become a full-time author.  Indeed I still love helping students with their English work.  To that end, I decided to create a blog where I could post essays that might continue to help students with their study of literature.
There are a vast number of websites offering homework help and essay-writing for a cost.  To submit my essays to those goes against my principles.  I do not encourage plagiarism and by making my work freely available, students should know that the software used by schools and colleges to check for plagiarism will detect their source. 

My essays are not definitive, just my informed opinion based on a careful study of the texts cited.  Even opinions change with time.  These were mine at the time of reading.  They cover literary texts taught between high school and undergraduate level and I hope they will be some help in furthering students’ understanding of these texts.

I’m always happy to receive comments and can be reached by email at  Since leaving teaching, I have published a number of modern novels in several genres.  You can find out more about these at my website: